Hey Losers, He’s Not Here

The LA Times Hero Complex blog published a nice interview with Jason Isaacs, who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies. In the interview, Isaacs makes the argument that Draco Malfoy is the “hero of the whole saga.” While I’ll go along with taking a bit of the sunshine away from Potter, who Snape is pretty much right about (he’s a slacker who gets by on chutzpa, luck, and knowing the right people) and who also has a pretty flat character arc (is Harry really any braver–or different at all–at the end of series than he was at the beginning?), I think it’s clear who the real hero of the saga is. And it ain’t Draco.

Bringing frogs back since 97

Neville begins the series a bumbling idiot and finishes it by decapitating the shit out of a giant snake with the sword of Godric by-god Gryffindor. He’s also the one who stays behind and carries on the fight at Hogwarts while Harry’s out moping across the English countryside whining about how Dumbledore didn’t draw him a road map.

In case you needed another reason to emphasize the Potter books over the movies for your kids, the criminal lack of appreciation for Neville in the movies is a solid one. While I don’t doubt that I’ll enjoy Deathly Hallows II when it debuts next week, I know I’ll walk away with just a slightly bad taste in my mouth if my boy Longbottom doesn’t get his due.

3 thoughts on “Hey Losers, He’s Not Here

    • I don’t think they can get away without that one. However, I’m not entirely expecting them to highlight the fact that he was leading the Battle of Hogwarts for a year before Harry shows up at the end.

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