Car Sickness Survival Tips

Summer is upon us and that means car trips, whether you’re driving a couple of hours or a couple of days if you or your child  is prone to motion sickness the fun can be decreased quickly – especially if you find yourself scraping vomit out of your backseat on the shoulder of the expressway in 90 degree heat.

Between my own experience being  kid losing her cookies and the parent stuck cleaning up the aftermath I have picked up a thing or two about making the best of a queasy situation.

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The Dark Knight Falls?

An official poster for The Dark Knight Rises has been released and in its wake came a leaked trailer which was recorded by a fan at a showing of Harry Potter 7.5, which was quickly taken down by Warner Brothers.

Thankfully for those of us who missed it, a ton of websites including CNN are featuring a play by play breakdown of the official trailer.

The trailer focuses heavily on the Bane character, with not even a passing shot of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman which is truthfully where my interests most lie being an old time fan of  the Selina Kyle character.

Most intriguing is the line, “Every journey has an end, the end of the Dark Knight legend”.  It has been confirmed by WB and Christopher Nolan that this is the last film in the DK series, however that sentence has sparked speculation that the ending will not be a happy one.  Are we looking at the first big screen version of the death of Batman? Or will he be grievously injured and unable to continue with the role of protector?

If his meeting with Bane on film is anything like it was in ink, our hero is in for a hard end.

You Don’t Get to Say Eww.

Once again Louis C.K. makes the truth amazingly hilarious. In five minutes he goes from the entitled behavior of young people in the workplace, to how lucky little white kids in America are, to ending with the most honest observation on how we deal with the topic of slavery in this country I have seen. All of this with no help from the schlub interviewing him and never once breaking from comedic genius.

Thank goodness for the internet, otherwise I would have never laid eyes on this amazing clip. It’s been making the rounds lately even though it was filmed a few months ago.

Would you like your Dwarves Traditional or Extra Sexy?

More photos from The Hobbit have been released and one of the dwarf characters is looking decidedly different.


If Fili and Kili weren’t twins I would swear their mama had been messing around with an elf.  Aidan Turner as Kili is almost the opposite of a traditional dwarf, with his brooding good looks and thin frame. Who ever heard of a svelte dwarf?

It may be blasphemy*, but I am in favor of the diversity.  A group of exact copies with different colored cloaks wouldn’t provide a lot of visual stimuli.

For those of you who prefer your dwarves with a more classic look, have no fear.  There are plenty of squat, beardy and rotund dudes on hand, like Bifur, Bofur and Bombur here.

 *Since I am working in the blog-mines alone this week – JHistorical is on a research trip- I can make all the blasphemous Tolkien comments I want.

Wednesday Ebay Roundup

Now it’s time for another installment of things I would buy if I had money to burn.

Plush Ludo Toy

A cuddly stuffed version of everyone’s favorite monster from The Labyrinth. There are 4 days left on his auction and he is $159.99 currently.  If I had this I would just walk around making him say, “Smell baaaaaaaaaad” to my kids for days.  They should be thankful we are not rich.

Time Turner

A 14k gold replica of the one Hermione used in The Prisoner of Azkaban.  Available to “Buy Now” for $28.95.  If only it worked.

The USS Enterprise

This model of the Star Trek ship is from 1991 and has lights and sounds.  It’s auction has 6 days left and it’s currently at $34.99. Engage!

Glow-in-the-dark Frankenberry figure

The title says it all. It can be yours for $23.88.

Angry Birds Plush Set

The only thing my kid would like better than playing the Angry Birds video game is playing actual launching birds at piggies, “Especially the one with the mustache.”  This one ends in just 2 days. Bid is currently 99 cents.

Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo makes one of the most comfortable over-the-shoulder baby holders ever. They are safe for infants to kids up to 40lbs. This one is slightly used but still adorable with embroidered stars. The auction ends in 4 days and the current bid is $24.99. (Which is about $60 cheaper than a new one). Snatch this up, your back will thank you.

Dang Kids, With Your Rock Music and Monogamy

Congratulations to Erica Jong, who recently proved herself to be the prototypical elderly person out of touch with the “kids today” with her opinion piece published by the New York Times this past Sunday.

In a nutshell,  the Fear of Flying author proclaims “sexual passion” seems to be on “life support”.  Mostly, from what I can gather because young women are interested in monogamy over open marriages.

But her hardest hit falls on those “natural parenting” types.

“Better to give up men and sleep with one’s children. Better to wear one’s baby in a man-distancing sling and breast-feed at all hours so your mate knows your breasts don’t belong to him. Our current orgy of multiple maternity does indeed leave little room for sexuality. With children in your bed, is there any space for sexual passion? The question lingers in the air, unanswered.”

Let the question(s) discontinue lingering.

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Dammit Jim, Will They Even Need a Doctor?

Star Trek fans are more than familiar with the device known as a tricorder.  For those readers who are not that devoted to the voyages of the starship Enterprise, a tricorder is a handheld device that members of the crew use to analyze various things, download data and make medical diagnosis.  The last function is the focus of the Tricorder X Prize Competition.

Life Sciences Prize Group is offering up $10 million dollars to the person or company that can deliver a real live functioning medical tricorder. The goal is to provide the public with a device that could diagnose patients as accurately as a physician right in the patients home.  It’s like Robo-WebMD.

"Turn your head and cough, bee-bo-boop."