The Good Doctor

Tree Fu Tom a new BBC kids show is getting a little help from the Doctor.  David Tennant, the 1oth and my personal favorite incarnation of the Doctor along with  Sophie Aldred (best known for her role as “Ace” the seventh doctor’s companion) will be lending their voices to the series.

The show appears to be geared for the 8 and under crowd. It follows a boy with the ability to shrink into a miniature superhero in the tiny town of Treetopolis.

However the most fascinating thing about the show is the movements of the spells the main character, Tom uses.  The audience is encouraged to move along with him to “help” the spells work (a la Dora the Explorer) and these movements were developed from therapeutic regimes aimed at assisting those who suffer from Dyspraxia—a developmental movement disorder affects up to 10 percent of all children.

There he goes saving the world all over again.