Cheap, Fast, Non-Ouchy Lightsabers

In our house lightsabers are not a privilege, they are a right. If you are a child born into this family, you will one day receive one. Both of the young ones have your standard issue plastic, retractable model kind of like this one:

They look great, they are fun to carry attached to your belt and flick out at a moments notice and they are the cheapest official version you’ll find in stores at around $9.

However, they do have a drawback – one that generally becomes apparent after ten minutes of battle has played out. Inevitably, there will be a wailing, “Mooooooooooooooooom!” emitted from the basement from a child nursing a stinging limb from being accidentally whacked for real.

Too often lightsaber battles end with hurt feelings, tears or at worst bruises.

This fact became a major concern when my oldest announced his desire for a Star Wars themed birthday party. The thought of arming twelve 7-10 year old kids and letting them loose in my home filled me with terror. I needed to find a way to keep the awesome high and the broken stuff low.

So I found these:

Which are inflatable, therefore not as painful and they light up – how cool is that? But at $6.99 a piece, they are almost as expensive as the lightsabers that don’t break when confronted with a sharp edge.

So my next step was to google: “Cheap Star Wars Party” which led me to Who’s The Boss? a blog which unfortunately has nothing to do with Tony Danza. Despite this it gave me an amazing amount of ideas including the cheapest, least ouchy lightsaber option around.


All you need are pool noodles and electrical tape.

Cut the pool noodle in half. Wrap electrical tape around one end to create a handle and you are done.

They take no time to make and they cost about 75 cents a piece.

They were a hit at the party, but more importantly they continue to used daily by my kids and their friends.

It’s Jedi training with peace of mind.

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