M.I.A. on the Blogosphere and Life Notes

No, not the amazing hip hop artist, although that would be the most amazing excuse for not blogging ever.  I am reporting on why we have been “Missing in Action” since last Wednesday.

Most importantly, Thursday was mine and the president’s birthday so we had to throw down. Chocolate cheesecake was eaten, it had three different kinds of chocolate. The result: I went into a dessert induced sugar coma and just woke up .

Oh and JHistorical is out on another research adventure, hopefully to be inspired to post more parenting wisdom on his return at the end of the week.

This is a week of preparation for the family, lesson plans are being created, schedules a and then there is the potty training (the horror!). Hopefully, all of these tasks will translate into a more focused and less worrisome school year for everyone.

In the meantime, there is Dr. Who/Pizza Night, swimming and mid-morning runs for ice cream. Summer is getting it’s last hurrah.

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