Regeneration Station

Hello friend,

I know this is awkward. It has been a good long while since I have written. It has been three years since my last confession.

I have been off having adventures, boring adult adventures for the most part, there were some of the fun and lovely kind sprinkled in. It hasn’t been an Ingmar Bergman film, there has been plenty of sunshine in my world.

This silence you have experienced, dear reader, was part of a purposeful forgetting. I buckled in and buckled down and pulled my weight in earnest with two part-time jobs. Work, work, work all of the time.

I got sad and angry and I forgot myself.

Life seemed static, I felt stuck in my crummy, thankless, slaving-for-a-corporation-that-doesn’t-pay-a-living-wage-job. I felt like there was no way out.¬† I felt like I had no choice.

But you always have a choice.

Next week I will go from working 47+ hours out of the house to 27. I am ditching the gig that was crushing my soul and keeping the job that nourishes my creativity and capacity to thrive.

I am returning to the thing that defines me and has ALWAYS defined me from the moment I could string a sentence together; communicating.

This incarnation of my bloggery will be a marriage of my past efforts. Parenting and humor, geekery and life will all be showcased here. I have learned some lessons in my time away which I will share to those interested.

I have missed the me that talks to you. My heart feels like a door swinging wide open and I am ready to run through it.

doctor who animated GIF

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