Balrog’s Dad

So, those of you who were really into Street Fighter II as a kid are already aware that Micheal Bison aka Balrog is a kick ass fighter. What you may not know is the father that trained him, thus lifting him from his life of poverty and being bullied at school and turning him into a monstrous killing machine, all in the name of love.  “If you had a child and they truly enjoyed this one thing in the world, would you take that away from him?”

This is the best fake documentary about a video game persona I have ever seen.  I wonder what Ken’s been up to….

The Children Have The Phone Box

Or rather the child.  Meet the luckiest little Dr. Who fan in the world.

Zachary Smith woke up on his fifth birthday to find a life sized TARDIS sitting in his backyard, the handy work of his father Lee, a.k.a. the coolest dad in the world.  It took him two weeks to build.

If you’re considering trying to get in the running for coolest parent ever, you can find construction plans here.

Top 10 Best/Worst Dads in Pop Culture

I’ll be the first to admit it. My parental triumphs are all too often eclipsed by incidents of shitty-daddery. For every transcendent moment I spend introducing my kids to new ideas, I seem to have at least one corresponding spell of unjustifiable annoyed frustration. For every three minutes of pure joy I spend with them, I spend another mopey ten wishing I could just go to a baseball game by my damn self.

This of course, should come as no surprise to anyone who has kids. Nothing inspires more pride and shame than parenthood. One minute, you’re the greatest parent in the world. The next, you’re a horrible failure. So to celebrate, we offer our list of ten dads in popular culture who exhibit both the best and worst of us all.

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