Would you like your Dwarves Traditional or Extra Sexy?

More photos from The Hobbit have been released and one of the dwarf characters is looking decidedly different.


If Fili and Kili weren’t twins I would swear their mama had been messing around with an elf.  Aidan Turner as Kili is almost the opposite of a traditional dwarf, with his brooding good looks and thin frame. Who ever heard of a svelte dwarf?

It may be blasphemy*, but I am in favor of the diversity.  A group of exact copies with different colored cloaks wouldn’t provide a lot of visual stimuli.

For those of you who prefer your dwarves with a more classic look, have no fear.  There are plenty of squat, beardy and rotund dudes on hand, like Bifur, Bofur and Bombur here.

 *Since I am working in the blog-mines alone this week – JHistorical is on a research trip- I can make all the blasphemous Tolkien comments I want.

We Can Be Heroes


While more and more female artists are putting up blogs featuring their work, comic books are still quite a man’s world when it comes to being published.  This fact compelled Renae De Liz and Jessica Hickman  to reach out to other talented women who weren’t getting published.  The result is Womanthology,  an all-female independent anthology focused on the theme of heroism.

The only issue was funding and thanks to the contributions of 939 backers (and counting) they have more than doubled their goal of $25,000 with 26 days to go.  Sitting currently at $54, 476 on Kickstarter the book is officially on its way.

Over 100 artists,  writers, inkers and colorists are set to work on this book and just going through the list is enough to make me wish it was available yesterday.  From the lovable, goofy style of Katie Shanahan to the dark beauty of Fiona Staples‘ art, to the mind-blowing awesomeness that is Cat Staggs (go check out her Star Wars work, OMG).

The finished product will be a full-color 300 pager which is due out in December.  Visit the official website for all the details.

What’s Better Than Comic Books or Harry Potter?

How about Harry Potter comics?

Super Artist Lucy Knisley has unveiled The Sumharry. Nine individual poster-style comics that feature scenes from each book (two for the last). They are absolutely amazing and right now Ms. Knisley is offering up these beauties for a limited time to print for FREE.

Get them here.

Book It On Down the Road

Please to enjoy our weekly round-up of news about books for kids.

  • E.B. White’s biographer claims to have found the spider that inspired Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web. Not quite as exciting as the recent Faulkner plantation diary discovery, but still pretty cool?
  • Interactive books have come a long way from those annoying “push the button to hear some robotic noises” jobs that I had as a kid. Now you can get them complete with in-book puzzles for your iPad. Not sure they’re any less annoying, though.
  • The University of Southern Mississippi’s de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection is hosting an exhibit of original Maurice Sendak artwork, beginning July 9. After all, there has to be some reason for people to live in Mississippi.