Wednesday Ebay Roundup

It’s that time again.  Here are some goodies I found while trolling the internet, window shopping.

MicroMachines Millennium Falcon


Brand new and a perfect gift for the Star Wars obsessed child in your life (we all have one or two of those…right?)  It’s up until August 3rd and starts at just under $5.

Vitamix 3600

Vitamix is like the gold standard of food processors, they last forever and can liquefy raw kale (read that again and be amazed). Smoothies, baby food, soups or margaritas this thing kicks ass. Bid is currently at 29.99 and it ends on August 5th.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Toys


Including Appa, Momo, Aang, Prince Zuko and Sokka. The cartoon is amazing and the toys are hard to find in stores right now (Nickelodeon being the fickle parent that it is). This set is $5.50 right now and the auction has until August 2nd.

Adventure Time Finn Hat


You too can wear a hat that covers your luscious hair.  Adorable, hand made and felted.  The price is $22 or best offer. Ending tomorrow at midnight so jump to it if you want to get a deal.


By the power of Greyskull….how can I not want the vintage He-Man villian for 0.98 cents? He’s available till August 2nd. Bring him home to wreak havoc and mayhem.

Crystal Rainbow Castle


PONIES! In fact 22 ponies, every generation is represented, along with a ton of accessories and it’s all encased in a wicked awesome playset. The bid is currently $9.99 and there are five days left on it.   Did I mention my birthday is August 4th?






Wednesday Ebay Round up

And now for another installment of things I would buy if I had money to blow.

Jean Luc Picard Baby Onesie

The title says it all, doesn’t it?  Available for $11 bucks a pop.

Star Wars Comic Books

A lot of 16 books from 1978 – 81 in good/decent shape. My big kid would love them. This would be like buying a couple of days of silence. Available until July 25th at $25 or best offer.

He-Man Wrist Watch

What better to complete my look? Vintage, fully functioning and fully awesome. Bidding starts at $10 and it’s up for 6 days.

TARDIS earrings

For all those formal events. They are currently at .99 cents if anyone would like to get me an early birthday present. Auction ends July 25th.

Babyland Cloth Diapers

Who says starting a diaper stash has to be expensive? This is a lot of seven all-in-one, one-size diapers. For those of you who don’t know the jargon it means they are as easy to put on and take off as a disposable and they will fit your child from 8 to 30 lbs.  They are available at a buy it now price of $22 and up for another 9 days.

Vintage Camera

Channel your inner Colin Creevy with this Argus C3 Rangefinder complete with original flash. Available for the B.I.N. price of $129.  Ends July 30th.


Wednesday Ebay Round Up

Star Wars MicroMachines Ice Planet Hoth Playset

If this is remotely as awesome as it looks both you and your kid will be playing with this set daily. You can buy it now for $25 with free shipping. Someone purchase this so that I don’t.

1982 Superman Belt

This kickass accessory is enough to make anyone feel invincible.  Six days are left and it’s at $9.95.

Skull Sunbaby Cloth Diaper

What’s better than changing a diaper? Changing a pirate themed diaper. It’s a one-size diaper that fits babies 8 – 30 lbs.  Auction ends July 11 and it currently stands at 99 cents.

1976 Wonder Woman doll

Forget Barbie, give your kiddo a doll that can wipe the floor with some super villans all while maintaining flawless hair.  Auction ends July 12 and the current bid is less than a dollar.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dining Set

Nevermind the kids,  I want to eat my breakfast out of this bowl, mug and plate set. Preferably in front of some old school Saturday morning cartoons.  You can buy it now at $29.99, listing lasts till July 12.

Avatar the Last Airbender Complete Series

Before the blue people showed up and a certain director cast a bunch of white kids to crush the dreams of fans everywhere the title Avatar brought to mind only one of the best children’s television shows of the last decade.  Auction ends on July 9th and the current bid is $20.

The Hooded One Action Figure

If you haven’t read Jeff Smith’s Bone series yet, please walk away from your computer right now and go get a copy and then read it with your kids. If you don’t have kids, just read it with the nearest kid available.  It’s so good it needs to be shared. This action figure is new in box, you can buy it now for $26.79.

Owly Comic Book Lot

Owly is a sweet series perfect for your beginning comic book reader because it has no words.  Hook ’em early with simple stories and endearing artwork.  Auction ends on July 9th, current bid $9.99 or buy it now for $14.99.