Balrog’s Dad

So, those of you who were really into Street Fighter II as a kid are already aware that Micheal Bison aka Balrog is a kick ass fighter. What you may not know is the father that trained him, thus lifting him from his life of poverty and being bullied at school and turning him into a monstrous killing machine, all in the name of love.  “If you had a child and they truly enjoyed this one thing in the world, would you take that away from him?”

This is the best fake documentary about a video game persona I have ever seen.  I wonder what Ken’s been up to….

5 Things to Share and 5 Things to Forget from Childhood

Objects in the review mirror may appear cooler than they are.

Having children is a sure fire way to find yourself reminiscing about eons ago when you were young with an infinite amount of passion to spend on cartoons, toys and candy.

Some things we never let go of (Star Wars or The Princess Bride for instance) so we are certain of their awesomeness as no time has lapsed in our viewing. However there are some that are only echoes of how our 8 year old self viewed them and it isn’t until you’ve revisited in the hopes of sharing with your kids that you learn the awful truth.

The truth that, unfortunately, 8 year olds are not always the best judges of quality as the first half of our list will demonstrate.

Things from Your Childhood That Didn’t Hold Up

5.   ALF

I kill ME!

I wish it weren’t so, but it is. The live-action sitcom about my favorite cat-eating space creature is a turd sandwich. It pains me to write that, I was obsessed with ALF when I was a kid. I had cups, t-shirts and hand puppets in his likeness, I spouted his catchphrases and watched both the original show and the cartoon religiously but the proof is in the pudding. The writing is horrendous, the acting is terrible and it’s just not funny.  Don’t believe me? Then you may watch the “hilarious” moments reel  and judge for yourself.

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Would you like your Dwarves Traditional or Extra Sexy?

More photos from The Hobbit have been released and one of the dwarf characters is looking decidedly different.


If Fili and Kili weren’t twins I would swear their mama had been messing around with an elf.  Aidan Turner as Kili is almost the opposite of a traditional dwarf, with his brooding good looks and thin frame. Who ever heard of a svelte dwarf?

It may be blasphemy*, but I am in favor of the diversity.  A group of exact copies with different colored cloaks wouldn’t provide a lot of visual stimuli.

For those of you who prefer your dwarves with a more classic look, have no fear.  There are plenty of squat, beardy and rotund dudes on hand, like Bifur, Bofur and Bombur here.

 *Since I am working in the blog-mines alone this week – JHistorical is on a research trip- I can make all the blasphemous Tolkien comments I want.

What’s Better Than Comic Books or Harry Potter?

How about Harry Potter comics?

Super Artist Lucy Knisley has unveiled The Sumharry. Nine individual poster-style comics that feature scenes from each book (two for the last). They are absolutely amazing and right now Ms. Knisley is offering up these beauties for a limited time to print for FREE.

Get them here.

It’s Such a Good Feeling

I was one of the millions of children who considered this man a neighbor. Everyday I would listen for the tinkling tune of piano keys so I could watch the camera slowly pan over the fascinating model buildings and cars of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  I adored the show, King Friday and Henrietta Pussycat, the chiming language of the trolley, the working stoplight that adorned the wall, the fish and the videos of things being made (brooms and crayons were my favorites), but mostly I just loved Mr. Rogers. I liked his sweaters, his strange and comforting accent, the way he seemed to speak directly to me.

However, I didn’t recognize the simple brilliance of the show until I had kids of my own.

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Folding Paper Fun

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon (or the next million years) with your kids? Try downloading some of these free character patterns from Cubeecraft. They’re pretty cute and definitely beat the heck out of paying twenty-five bucks for something you might have to assemble anyway.

There’s also an amazing (and growing) variety of characters to choose from. Maybe your little ones would like to spend their free time plotting the conquest of Guilder. Or liberating the Ood. Or maybe they’re like my kids and want to relive their favorite moments from the stoner-activist classic Super High Me.

Vaporizer not included


I think we’ll probably be giving the Star Wars figures a shot first. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Never Tell Me the Odds

Thanks to the magic of the internet those of us too young to remember this public service announcement (and several others such as this 1979 drunk driving ad) have the opportunity to bask in it’s glory.

Is there any other character that would have been better suited to this role than C3PO? Like ANY other character? That gold plated nay-sayer is the essence of uncool.  C3PO is a worry wort,  a fussy budget, the ultimate tut-tut machine.  Anyone who has ever laid eyes on the original trilogy can tell you that without a doubt, no one ever listens to C3PO.

I can only assume Han Solo was backstage during the filming of this commercial simultaneously smoking ten cigarettes.