Top 10 Things Babies Don’t Need

Having a baby is one of the most momentous, beautiful and bewildering life-changing experiences to happen to anyone so of course companies pounce on it like hyenas on a warthog carcass.  There are more useless products marketed to new parents than potentially any other demographic.  Websites abound saying baby’s first year will cost upwards of $5,500 bucks (not counting the hospital bills).  Save your money and your space by skipping the following craptactular items.

1o. Infant Car Seat

The Bucket

These things are worthless. They only fit babies from 5- 20 lbs which means they will last you for at most one year and then you will have to go out and purchase another carseat.  Convertible carseats fit children from 5 lbs all the way up to 35, 40 or even 45 lbs depending on the brand. This means your child will be riding safely from birth until they are ready for a booster seat (5+ years).

Savings: $60-$150

9. Tummy Time Mat

Your child will use this thing a couple of times, then they will become mobile, lose interest and you will have this brightly colored nightmare shoved into the back of the closet until a friend gets knocked up and you can push it off on them.  Do you have a blanket? A toy or two? You’re all set up for tummy time, no foam bendy things required.

Savings: $25 – $80

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