The Dark Knight Falls?

An official poster for The Dark Knight Rises has been released and in its wake came a leaked trailer which was recorded by a fan at a showing of Harry Potter 7.5, which was quickly taken down by Warner Brothers.

Thankfully for those of us who missed it, a ton of websites including CNN are featuring a play by play breakdown of the official trailer.

The trailer focuses heavily on the Bane character, with not even a passing shot of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman which is truthfully where my interests most lie being an old time fan of  the Selina Kyle character.

Most intriguing is the line, “Every journey has an end, the end of the Dark Knight legend”.  It has been confirmed by WB and Christopher Nolan that this is the last film in the DK series, however that sentence has sparked speculation that the ending will not be a happy one.  Are we looking at the first big screen version of the death of Batman? Or will he be grievously injured and unable to continue with the role of protector?

If his meeting with Bane on film is anything like it was in ink, our hero is in for a hard end.