Dang Kids, With Your Rock Music and Monogamy

Congratulations to Erica Jong, who recently proved herself to be the prototypical elderly person out of touch with the “kids today” with her opinion piece published by the New York Times this past Sunday.

In a nutshell,  the Fear of Flying author proclaims “sexual passion” seems to be on “life support”.  Mostly, from what I can gather because young women are interested in monogamy over open marriages.

But her hardest hit falls on those “natural parenting” types.

“Better to give up men and sleep with one’s children. Better to wear one’s baby in a man-distancing sling and breast-feed at all hours so your mate knows your breasts don’t belong to him. Our current orgy of multiple maternity does indeed leave little room for sexuality. With children in your bed, is there any space for sexual passion? The question lingers in the air, unanswered.”

Let the question(s) discontinue lingering.

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