It’s Summer, Time to Love Yo’ Self

Dear fellow Ladies,
We were fortunate enough to fulfill my 12 year old son’s birthday wish to spend a night at the Great Wolf Lodge (It is an indoor water park hotel chain. Let’s pause to consider that “indoor water park” is a thing that exists – what an amazing time to live in.) We had a super awesome time.

While I was there, standing in line for water slides, swimming or hanging out in the wave pool I observed the people around me. I saw tons of happy families having fun, but I also saw many mamas who were under a cloud. More than one tugged constantly at swimsuits that didn’t fit and they were obviously uncomfortable in. It made me think of all the mothers who say they haven’t bought a new bathing suit in years. Other women stood fully clothed on the sidelines taking photos of children frolicking with smiling fathers in the water, these women often had such bittersweet looks on their faces. Their expressions were stark in contrast to the open mouthed mirthful looks on the women exiting giant floats with their families.

It made me think about all of the girls and women I have known in my life that have looked forward to the pool or beach, not with excitement but with self conscious terror. They feared the judgement that would be placed upon them for taking up more space than the small minds of others allowed them. They internalized this idea that they were too thin, too flat chested, too wide, too curvy, too short, too tall, too pale, too dark.

I know this because I was one of those women.

It took me too many years to embrace that the only thing that I embodied that was excessive was my fear. In actuality, I was too afraid and that was that. 

Seeing those women made me wonder how many of you are spending the summer uncomfortable or on the sidelines. It made me want to say this: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You are worthy. You are IMPORTANT. Go purchase a swimsuit that fits you comfortably, be it a bikini or a one piece or a tankini with trunk bottoms.

Mamas: get wet with your lovely children. Laugh with them. Splash around. There is nothing more lovely than the joy of a parent and their child having a great time together.

Don’t be a spectator. Throw off the shackles of insecurity. . Go forth and BE LOVELY! It took me a long time to get here. Join me.

Much love to all.