Cheap, Fast, Non-Ouchy Lightsabers

In our house lightsabers are not a privilege, they are a right. If you are a child born into this family, you will one day receive one. Both of the young ones have your standard issue plastic, retractable model kind of like this one:

They look great, they are fun to carry attached to your belt and flick out at a moments notice and they are the cheapest official version you’ll find in stores at around $9.

However, they do have a drawback – one that generally becomes apparent after ten minutes of battle has played out. Inevitably, there will be a wailing, “Mooooooooooooooooom!” emitted from the basement from a child nursing a stinging limb from being accidentally whacked for real.

Too often lightsaber battles end with hurt feelings, tears or at worst bruises.

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