Balrog’s Dad

So, those of you who were really into Street Fighter II as a kid are already aware that Micheal Bison aka Balrog is a kick ass fighter. What you may not know is the father that trained him, thus lifting him from his life of poverty and being bullied at school and turning him into a monstrous killing machine, all in the name of love.  “If you had a child and they truly enjoyed this one thing in the world, would you take that away from him?”

This is the best fake documentary about a video game persona I have ever seen.  I wonder what Ken’s been up to….

Book It On Down the Road

Please to enjoy our weekly round-up of news about books for kids.

  • E.B. White’s biographer claims to have found the spider that inspired Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web. Not quite as exciting as the recent Faulkner plantation diary discovery, but still pretty cool?
  • Interactive books have come a long way from those annoying “push the button to hear some robotic noises” jobs that I had as a kid. Now you can get them complete with in-book puzzles for your iPad. Not sure they’re any less annoying, though.
  • The University of Southern Mississippi’s de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection is hosting an exhibit of original Maurice Sendak artwork, beginning July 9. After all, there has to be some reason for people to live in Mississippi.