Wednesday Ebay Roundup

Otherwise known as: what I would buy if I had cash to burn.

First up today:

Derpy Hooves

A custom painted My Little Pony G4 to resemble everyone’s favorite dim-witted background character on MLP Friendship is Magic. Only one day left on this little lovely, the bid is currently $22.   (Now if only someone will make a Dr. Whoof)

Speaking of the good doctor…


Will I ever tire of jewelry inspired by the Time And Relative Dimension In Space vessel? Not likely. This watch is adorable and subtle enough to wear everyday. Buy It Now price is $13.99.

In other space related fanciness…

Star Trek cufflinks

Whether it’s your big day, a promotion, a night on the town or a funeral – nothing says I am dressed up like cufflinks inspired by the Federation Starfleet. 1 day left and they are only 99 cents.

Now on to more literary pursuits…

The Wookie Storybook

This 1979 story is based on the Star Wars Holiday Special.  The art is great and if your child is Star Wars obsessed (are there kids out there that aren’t?) then they will probably love seeing Chewbacca’s family – especially his unfortunately named son, Lumpy.  4 days left, current bid is 99 cents.

Baby Norbert

The cute little dragon Hagrid hatched from an egg comes with his own little wooden crate.  The Buy It Now Price is 32.47 but there is also a Best Offer option.

Police Academy Bow Biters

FACT: There is a law in physics which states that no child’s shoe laces will remain tied for more than 30 minutes at a time.  So most of the day I am bent over retying my three year old’s Chuck Taylors.  But those days are over now that I remembered Bow Biters. I had Miss Piggy when I was little, and while those are not available nearly everything else is, including this fantastic set inspired by the film antics of America’s favorite lovable, rag-tag team of jokesters who are training to defend our streets.  Buy it Now for $14.90