Wednesday Ebay Roundup

Otherwise known as: what I would buy if I had cash to burn.

First up today:

Derpy Hooves

A custom painted My Little Pony G4 to resemble everyone’s favorite dim-witted background character on MLP Friendship is Magic. Only one day left on this little lovely, the bid is currently $22.   (Now if only someone will make a Dr. Whoof)

Speaking of the good doctor…


Will I ever tire of jewelry inspired by the Time And Relative Dimension In Space vessel? Not likely. This watch is adorable and subtle enough to wear everyday. Buy It Now price is $13.99.

In other space related fanciness…

Star Trek cufflinks

Whether it’s your big day, a promotion, a night on the town or a funeral – nothing says I am dressed up like cufflinks inspired by the Federation Starfleet. 1 day left and they are only 99 cents.

Now on to more literary pursuits…

The Wookie Storybook

This 1979 story is based on the Star Wars Holiday Special.  The art is great and if your child is Star Wars obsessed (are there kids out there that aren’t?) then they will probably love seeing Chewbacca’s family – especially his unfortunately named son, Lumpy.  4 days left, current bid is 99 cents.

Baby Norbert

The cute little dragon Hagrid hatched from an egg comes with his own little wooden crate.  The Buy It Now Price is 32.47 but there is also a Best Offer option.

Police Academy Bow Biters

FACT: There is a law in physics which states that no child’s shoe laces will remain tied for more than 30 minutes at a time.  So most of the day I am bent over retying my three year old’s Chuck Taylors.  But those days are over now that I remembered Bow Biters. I had Miss Piggy when I was little, and while those are not available nearly everything else is, including this fantastic set inspired by the film antics of America’s favorite lovable, rag-tag team of jokesters who are training to defend our streets.  Buy it Now for $14.90

Cheap, Fast, Non-Ouchy Lightsabers

In our house lightsabers are not a privilege, they are a right. If you are a child born into this family, you will one day receive one. Both of the young ones have your standard issue plastic, retractable model kind of like this one:

They look great, they are fun to carry attached to your belt and flick out at a moments notice and they are the cheapest official version you’ll find in stores at around $9.

However, they do have a drawback – one that generally becomes apparent after ten minutes of battle has played out. Inevitably, there will be a wailing, “Mooooooooooooooooom!” emitted from the basement from a child nursing a stinging limb from being accidentally whacked for real.

Too often lightsaber battles end with hurt feelings, tears or at worst bruises.

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Craft or Craft Not, There is No Try.

Have you ever wanted an AT-AT planter? Or a Jabba the Hut body pillow? Prices of Star Wars stuff got you down? Have several hours to kill with your young Jedi?

Worry not.  The Star Wars Craft Book is here.

Filled with kid-friendly projects, this book will erase the dread of being stuck inside on raining days for months.

First order of business: make an Admiral Sackbar puppet from a paper bag.  It’s a SACK!


Folding Paper Fun

Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon (or the next million years) with your kids? Try downloading some of these free character patterns from Cubeecraft. They’re pretty cute and definitely beat the heck out of paying twenty-five bucks for something you might have to assemble anyway.

There’s also an amazing (and growing) variety of characters to choose from. Maybe your little ones would like to spend their free time plotting the conquest of Guilder. Or liberating the Ood. Or maybe they’re like my kids and want to relive their favorite moments from the stoner-activist classic Super High Me.

Vaporizer not included


I think we’ll probably be giving the Star Wars figures a shot first. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday Ebay Round Up

Star Wars MicroMachines Ice Planet Hoth Playset

If this is remotely as awesome as it looks both you and your kid will be playing with this set daily. You can buy it now for $25 with free shipping. Someone purchase this so that I don’t.

1982 Superman Belt

This kickass accessory is enough to make anyone feel invincible.  Six days are left and it’s at $9.95.

Skull Sunbaby Cloth Diaper

What’s better than changing a diaper? Changing a pirate themed diaper. It’s a one-size diaper that fits babies 8 – 30 lbs.  Auction ends July 11 and it currently stands at 99 cents.

1976 Wonder Woman doll

Forget Barbie, give your kiddo a doll that can wipe the floor with some super villans all while maintaining flawless hair.  Auction ends July 12 and the current bid is less than a dollar.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dining Set

Nevermind the kids,  I want to eat my breakfast out of this bowl, mug and plate set. Preferably in front of some old school Saturday morning cartoons.  You can buy it now at $29.99, listing lasts till July 12.

Avatar the Last Airbender Complete Series

Before the blue people showed up and a certain director cast a bunch of white kids to crush the dreams of fans everywhere the title Avatar brought to mind only one of the best children’s television shows of the last decade.  Auction ends on July 9th and the current bid is $20.

The Hooded One Action Figure

If you haven’t read Jeff Smith’s Bone series yet, please walk away from your computer right now and go get a copy and then read it with your kids. If you don’t have kids, just read it with the nearest kid available.  It’s so good it needs to be shared. This action figure is new in box, you can buy it now for $26.79.

Owly Comic Book Lot

Owly is a sweet series perfect for your beginning comic book reader because it has no words.  Hook ’em early with simple stories and endearing artwork.  Auction ends on July 9th, current bid $9.99 or buy it now for $14.99.

Never Tell Me the Odds

Thanks to the magic of the internet those of us too young to remember this public service announcement (and several others such as this 1979 drunk driving ad) have the opportunity to bask in it’s glory.

Is there any other character that would have been better suited to this role than C3PO? Like ANY other character? That gold plated nay-sayer is the essence of uncool.  C3PO is a worry wort,  a fussy budget, the ultimate tut-tut machine.  Anyone who has ever laid eyes on the original trilogy can tell you that without a doubt, no one ever listens to C3PO.

I can only assume Han Solo was backstage during the filming of this commercial simultaneously smoking ten cigarettes.