NEWS FLASH: Parents are Annoying

According to an article published last November in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, which for some reason has just started making its way around the interwebs in the past couple of days, your teenagers hate it when you call them on their cell phones all of the time.

The sole author of the report, Dr. Robert S. Weisskirch (aka No Shit Sherlock), found that teenagers report a better relationship with their parents when the kids are the ones initiating phone contact. They reported a poorer relationship when their parents continually called them to check on whereabouts, homework status, etc.


As someone who spends his days doing research that, in the end, is quite pointless, I feel for dear old R. Weisskirch here. But if you needed a full-on scientific report to tell you that nagging the hell out your kids is going to make them hate you, then you probably already have a pretty big hate hole to dig yourself out of already.