5 Things to Share and 5 Things to Forget from Childhood

Objects in the review mirror may appear cooler than they are.

Having children is a sure fire way to find yourself reminiscing about eons ago when you were young with an infinite amount of passion to spend on cartoons, toys and candy.

Some things we never let go of (Star Wars or The Princess Bride for instance) so we are certain of their awesomeness as no time has lapsed in our viewing. However there are some that are only echoes of how our 8 year old self viewed them and it isn’t until you’ve revisited in the hopes of sharing with your kids that you learn the awful truth.

The truth that, unfortunately, 8 year olds are not always the best judges of quality as the first half of our list will demonstrate.

Things from Your Childhood That Didn’t Hold Up

5.   ALF

I kill ME!

I wish it weren’t so, but it is. The live-action sitcom about my favorite cat-eating space creature is a turd sandwich. It pains me to write that, I was obsessed with ALF when I was a kid. I had cups, t-shirts and hand puppets in his likeness, I spouted his catchphrases and watched both the original show and the cartoon religiously but the proof is in the pudding. The writing is horrendous, the acting is terrible and it’s just not funny.  Don’t believe me? Then you may watch the “hilarious” moments reel  and judge for yourself.

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Wednesday Ebay Roundup

Now it’s time for another installment of things I would buy if I had money to burn.

Plush Ludo Toy

A cuddly stuffed version of everyone’s favorite monster from The Labyrinth. There are 4 days left on his auction and he is $159.99 currently.  If I had this I would just walk around making him say, “Smell baaaaaaaaaad” to my kids for days.  They should be thankful we are not rich.

Time Turner

A 14k gold replica of the one Hermione used in The Prisoner of Azkaban.  Available to “Buy Now” for $28.95.  If only it worked.

The USS Enterprise

This model of the Star Trek ship is from 1991 and has lights and sounds.  It’s auction has 6 days left and it’s currently at $34.99. Engage!

Glow-in-the-dark Frankenberry figure

The title says it all. It can be yours for $23.88.

Angry Birds Plush Set

The only thing my kid would like better than playing the Angry Birds video game is playing actual launching birds at piggies, “Especially the one with the mustache.”  This one ends in just 2 days. Bid is currently 99 cents.

Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo makes one of the most comfortable over-the-shoulder baby holders ever. They are safe for infants to kids up to 40lbs. This one is slightly used but still adorable with embroidered stars. The auction ends in 4 days and the current bid is $24.99. (Which is about $60 cheaper than a new one). Snatch this up, your back will thank you.