I’ve made a terrible mistake

. . . by not coming up with this idea first.

Graphic artist Matt De Lanoy used Legos to recreate the home (and primary mode of transport) of everyone’s favorite treasonous real estate developers. Looking for a good way to pass the time with the kids this afternoon? How about a Lego seal with a taste for human flesh?

Playing Doctor

Underground Toys has announced the release of a Doctor Who set.  As part of their Character Building line, it is a playset of the TARDIS (inside and out) and features the Doctor (11th), Amy, Rory and River Song.

It’s not Lego, but it looks awesome. Order it here, it’s due out in November .

Reading to Prepare for a Movie Role, How Novel!

According to a recent interview Henry Cavill, the actor who will take on the title role in Zach Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel is doing some background preparation.

As a child he was a fan and read Doomsday: The Death of Superman and Red Son but once he was cast in the upcoming 2013 title role he said “”I read as much as I possibly could”.

I have a soft spot for fans being put into movies and I think that having a good actor who has a true love for the work a film is being based on makes a difference in the performance they are able to give.

For example, I am one of those fans who have always been a bit disappointed with Micheal Gambon’s portrayal of Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films. I felt that he was unable to capture the multi-dimensional, dichotomous nature of the character (which embodies grandfatherly, twinkly eyed mirth AND immense power, strength and badassery).  I am also one of those fans that blames this lack of the true depth of the character on Gambon’s refusal to read any of the books while working on the project.

Does it make a difference if someone is a fan or has studied the basis on which a film is made prior to playing it?  Discuss.



Wednesday Ebay Roundup

It is time once again for a little segment we like to call “Nerd Window Shopping”. In which I lovingly list all of the things I would fill my home with if I had unlimited funds and a wish to be featured on Hoarders.

Adventure Time Toys

It’s no secret that I am in love with action figures AND Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. This lot includes, toys, temporary tattoos, buttons and other collectible goodies.  Bidding is at $26 and there are 3 days left.

Strawberry Shortcake Play Kitchen

Okay, this one is purely a me entry. We already have a lovely wooden play kitchen that our boys adore but secretly my heart desires this pressed cardboard, plastic, pictures pasted on, cheaply made relic from my childhood. This is the exact same stove and sink that stood in a place of honor in my playroom. I would stare out of that fake painted on window as I washing my imaginary dishes and dreamed of a more glamorous pretend life. The bidding is $84, there are 5 days left but watch out for the shipping.

Gyro N0-Spill Bowl

Picking goldfish out of a carseat is one of my least favorite activities, it is a runner up to cheerios,  pretzel pieces or small bits of apple that have sneaked under the seat cover somehow and are now congealing into a disgusting ooze. I could avoid giving my kid snacks in the car which would result in turning a 2 hour car ride into a 4 hours since they are constantly hungry on the road.  OR I could get this wicked bowl that doesn’t spill instead. Buy it Now for $7 and use the dust buster less.

Lego Creationary Game

It is like Pictionary but instead of drawing you build with Legos. This is a genius idea for a game and one that I can safely guess all ages will love. Make holiday gatherings with the family tolerable by buying this. Bidding is currently $12.51 and there are two days left.

Star Trek Candy Dish

The title explains it pretty well, in the shape of the Next Generation’s Starfleet communicator badge with the insignia of the USS Enterprise in the center, this dish would be perfect for me to put hard candies in as an old lady. You have to purchase these things ahead of time or who knows what kind of old person you’ll end up being.  4 days are left and the current bid is $20.

Stay Puft  Marshmallow Man Piggy Bank

You need some where to put all of the loose change the baby keeps trying to eat right? In a lot with a Ghostbusters logo bank and t-shirt. The whole deal is $35 and has 6 days left.

Selina Kyle, I Think You Forgot Something

This image of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises has been making the rounds this week and I will add my voice to the cacophony of protest.  Where are her ears? Every Catwoman has ears, it’s the character’s trademark.  Even Halle Berry’s terribly misguided costume had that going for it. Hathaway looks less like Catwoman and more like Douchey-Light-Up-Sunglasses Girl (TM pending).  Here’s holding out hope that that she lost her ears in what looks like an exciting high speed chase or possibly this is before she becomes Catwoman, because without them she looks like a woman wearing a leather jumpsuit.

Why I Don’t Hit My Kids

I know, I know, we’re all disappointed by the lack of creative title but this particular post is written to forsake artistry for honesty, cleverness for clarity and I intend to be as straight forward as the title suggests.  (Now to see if my intentions prove themselves truthful).

I don’t hit my kids and when I say that I mean I do not: spank, swat, switch, tap, pop, smack or otherwise raise a hand nor any other instrument with the intention to cause them the sensation of physical pain.

(Now immediately I’m going to head off the objection that people who spank their children are not intending to cause them physical pain, but to correct behavior. The act of spanking is an attempt to correct behavior through the motivation of avoiding the repetition of physical pain.

That is what it is.

If you can not resolve yourself to this plain, technical fact of the matter you and I have something in common. The fact that I can not reconcile myself to hurt my children purposefully, even a little bit, is a main reason I don’t favor this form of parenting.)

My main reason, aside from the one addressed above is: hypocrisy.

Every single day, from the day they gain control of their limbs until they day that they fully grasp the concept I remind my boys, “We don’t hit.” or “Be gentle.” In my opinion the “Do as I say and not as I do” method of teaching is ineffective.  Children model their behavior after the adults they see around them – it’s the reason why my two year old likes to sweep for example.  Smacking Jimmy for whacking Suzy in the back of the head is only going to teach him that hitting another kid will get him hit- it doesn’t teach him that hitting is not okay.

Which of course comes to another point: hitting is not okay.

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